Quest 52: A Fifteen-Minute-a-Day Yearlong Pursuit of Jesus Spiral-Bound | November 16, 2021

Mark E. Moore

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The bestselling author of Core 52 presents a fifteen-minute-a-day plan to help you know and become more like Jesus over the course of a year.

Quest 52 will help you answer some of faith’s toughest questions while you discover Jesus in a brand-new way.”—Carey Nieuwhof, podcaster and author of At Your Best

You’ve read a lot about Jesus. Now spend an entire year with him! Let respected Bible professor and teaching pastor Mark Moore be your guide. He developed this process over almost forty years of helping people make sense of Christianity.
Quest 52 highlights the key moments from Jesus’s life, revealing his identity, his expectations, his priorities, and his ultimate purpose. Each week features a handpicked gospel reading from the life of Jesus, plus an Old Testament passage foreshadowing his coming, a New Testament story revealing his impact, an invitation to discuss insights with fellow travelers, and practical ways to put what you’ve learned into practice.
The topics address relevant issues such as:
• Does Jesus really care about your pain?
• How can you know God’s call on your life?
• What does Jesus say about social justice?
• How can you hear God’s voice?
• What are ways to survive these difficult days?
This quest will enhance your understanding of Jesus and will forever change how you make choices, engage with others, interpret today’s big issues, and even view yourself!
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Quest 52 is the kind of devotional that people have been asking for. It will help you answer some of faith’s toughest questions while you discover Jesus in a brand-new way.”—Carey Nieuwhof, podcaster and author of At Your Best: How to Get Time, Energy, and Priorities Working in Your Favor

Quest 52 gives us another year’s worth of insight into a better walk with Jesus. Mark asks and answers the most insightful and important questions about Jesus’s life, his teaching, and why he is so passionate about all of us. If you want to start a quest to know more about how much Jesus Christ wants a deeper relationship with you, then I highly recommend this study for you.”—Al Robertson, pastor, author, star of A&E’s Duck Dynasty, and cohost of the Unashamed podcast
“By spending just fifteen minutes a day, you will gain insight and inspiration to pursue Jesus like never before. Take the quest and be encouraged.”—Kyle Idleman, bestselling author of Not a Fan and One at a Time

“I can’t think of anything more life-changing or rewarding than pursuing Jesus, but do you ever struggle to know how to move deeper in your journey? In this wonderful book, Mark has provided a detailed map to the greatest adventure in life: knowing Christ.”—Sheila Walsh, author of Holding On When You Want to Let Go

“Spending daily time with Jesus doesn’t have to be as hard as we sometimes think, and Quest 52 proves it. In this book, Mark Moore gives us everything we need to spend a year of daily moments learning to know and love Jesus more. It’s accessible and energizing.”—Mark Batterson, New York Times bestselling author of The Circle Maker and lead pastor of National Community Church

“Do you aspire to know and love Jesus more deeply? Quest 52 is a remarkable and practical tool for either individuals or groups. I urge you to engage with these daily exercises as a pathway to follow the most important figure in human history.”—Nancy Beach, leadership coach with Slingshot Group and author of Gifted to Lead

Quest 52 will help your church take a quantum leap forward in biblical literacy! Don’t wait a year! Give your church the road map to understanding Jesus better with Quest 52.—Johnny Scott, lead pastor of Generations Christian Church

“Of all my friends and mentors, Mark Moore has taught me the most about Jesus. Not only does Mark love Jesus deeply, but he also walks with him daily. Quest 52 is an invaluable resource that will help you do the same.”—Caleb Kaltenbach, pastor and bestselling author of Messy Grace and Messy Truth

“Jesus Christ has made the greatest difference in my life, so I really want you to know him. This book can help you see how.”—Michael Jr., comedic thought leader, actor, and author of Funny How Life Works
Mark E. Moore is the acclaimed author of books such as Core 52 and teaching pastor at Christ’s Church of the Valley in Phoenix, Arizona—one of the fastest-growing and most dynamic churches in America. He previously spent two decades as a New Testament professor at Ozark Christian College. His passion is to make Jesus famous. Mark and his wife, Barbara, reside in Phoenix, Arizona.