Difficult Mothers, Adult Daughters: A Guide For Separation, Liberation & Inspiration (Self care gift for women) Spiral-Bound | March 13, 2018

Karen C.L. Anderson, Katherine Woodward Thomas (Foreword by)

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The author of a 100,000 copy-selling book on mother/daughter relationships takes readers to the next level: This is the definitive book on understanding and overcoming this family dynamic with practical steps on forgiving and flourishing.

Transform Your Relationship with Your Difficult Narcissistic Mother

“An empowering book that offers clarity and validation as well as strategies for freeing yourself from the control of an unhealthy mother relationship.” ―Susan Forward Ph.D., author of Toxic Parents and Mothers who Can't Love

#1 Bestseller in Codependency

The best news on the planet is that your mother doesn't have to change in order for you to be happy. In fact, author Karen C.L. Anderson takes it a step further to say, your difficult narcissistic mother doesn't have to change in order for you to be free, peaceful, content, and joyful.

Emotional detachment from your narcissistic mother without guilt. Inspired by her own journey, Anderson shows women how to emotionally separate from their difficult mothers without guilt and anxiety, so they can finally create a life based on their own values, desires, needs, and preferences.

Learn through the experiences of others. The book is filled with personal stories and experiences, practical tools, and journal prompts that can be used now to experience the joy of letting go. Anderson compassionately leads women struggling in their relationships with their toxic mothers through a process of self-awareness and understanding. Her experience with hundreds of women has resulted in cases of profound growth and transformation.

Funny and compassionate. This book is about Karen discovering and accepting the whole of who she is (separate from her mother), and making her discoveries accessible to women struggling to redefine their challenging relationships with their mothers. Her writing is relatable, real, funny, and compassionate.

Inside learn:

  • Why mother daughter relationships can be toxic
  • How to heal and transform your mother "wounds"
  • The art of creating and maintaining impeccable boundaries

If you liked Codependent No More, Adult Children of Emotionally Immature Parents, or Henry Cloud's Boundaries, you'll love Difficult Mothers, Adult Daughters.

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Karen C.L. Anderson is a storyteller who believes that the truth never creates suffering and that all stories can be told through the lens of truth. She is also a feminist, a writer, speaker, workshop presenter, and blogger who consciously chooses to live her life as an experiment and to view the world through the lens of curiosity and fascination. Her previous book, The Peaceful Daughter's Guide to Separating From A Difficult Mother, is an international best seller, having sold well over 100,000 copies. In another life, Anderson spent 20 years trying to fit her right-brained self into a left-brained career as a trade magazine journalist in the field of plastics (and if she had a dime for every time someone mentioned that line from The Graduate…). She is married to a left-brained engineer and they live in Southeastern Connecticut.