Practice Tests for the Digital SAT Spiral-Bound | March 16, 2023

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Prepare for the Digital SAT with this book!

Vibrant Publishers brings 5 authentic practice tests curated according to the new guidelines of the College Board for the Digital SAT. These tests include questions crafted according to the new format of the test, detailed answer explanations and distractor explanations, a chestful of information about the new SAT, and much more!

Practice Tests For The Digital SAT is one of the first books that will give you comprehensive practice for the Digital SAT.


What does it include?

  • 5 Practice Tests with each section divided into two modules
  • 490+ Questions with varying levels of difficulty
  • Verbal and Math questions crafted according to the new guidelines
  • Detailed answer explanations to get a deeper understanding of questions
  • Distractor explanations for analyzing the incorrect answers
  • Exhaustive information on the exam pattern, question formats, and test-taking experience of the Digital SAT


The practice tests in this book will prepare you to crack the digital test by giving you an early experience of practicing with the new format of questions. The questions are sorted into different categories predefined by the College Board along with their difficulty levels. This will give you practice across a wide-range of questions and help you recognize your weak and strong areas.


The questions are prepared by SAT experts with years of experience in the field. By strategically using these simulated tests and following the tips given in the book, you will become better equipped to sit for the test as well as ace it.


For an in-depth and comprehensive practice of the Reading and Writing and Math section, check out the books Digital SAT Reading and Writing Practice Questions and Digital SAT Math Practice Questions.


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