Pivot to Purpose: Leaving the Toxic Hustle Culture Behind Spiral-Bound |

Kristen Boss

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Leave the hustle culture behind for good—and learn to create a life and business filled with purpose, impact, and joy.
You have seen the cute “hustle” merchandise. The T-shirts. The mugs. The daily planners. There seems to be gold-lettered swag everywhere telling you to do more, be more, and “hustle harder.” Hustle has become an everyday word for the modern person who wants more out of life. But as appealing as it is to today’s entrepreneurs and professionals, it inevitably leads to burnout and resentment.
In Pivot to Purpose, Kristen invites you into the journey of exchanging the hustle cycle for a heart posture of abundance and service. She tackles why the hustle culture is one of the most toxic and detrimental ideologies that is preached today and debunks the myth that it’s the only way to achieve success.
Kristen shares from her story of when she hit rock bottom from her own hustle and how she pivoted to build a multimillion-dollar company in less than two years by doing things differently than how she saw others doing it. Through heartfelt, relatable lessons on life and business, Kristen explains the key shifts needed to create success that is sustainable and purposeful. She reveals how to:
  • Understand the difference between hard work and hustle
  • Break free from the cycle of scarcity and experience true abundance
  • Reframe your perspective on work from striving to serving and significance
  • Build emotional resilience for rejection, setbacks, disappointment, and failure
  • Liberate yourself from the expectations of others
  • Conquer shame and the constant need to “do more”
This book empowers you to work your business and live your life differently, without sacrificing the impact you desire to have on the world. Authentic, lasting success requires you to leave the hustle behind—and Pivot to Purpose!
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As a business and mindset coach, I help women level up in their personal and business life by giving them the creative strategies and tools they need, so they can have a thriving business that they truly enjoy showing up for. I use a combination of powerful mindset coaching and up-to-date organic marketing strategies unstuck and start taking massive action which leads to RESULTS.
I link arms with you to help you realize and exceed your goals by using my proven process, that will set you apart in the marketplace, easily attract customers you love, and build the soulful purpose-filled business of your dreams.