The Health Babes’ Guide to Balancing Hormones: A Detailed Plan with Recipes to Support Mood, Energy Levels, Sleep, Libido and More Spiral-Bound | January 3, 2023

Dr. Becky Campbell, Dr. Dr. Krystal Hohn

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Take control of your hormonal health with recipes that will keep you happy and healthy throughout perimenopause and menopause.

Demystify Your Hormones and Change Your Life for the Better

Dr. Becky Campbell and Dr. Krystal Hohn have created this fundamental resource manual to explain the various ways your hormones can affect your body and what you can do to balance them for a happier and healthier lifestyle. As board-certified physicians of natural medicine, these ladies will tell you all of the ways you can get your hormone levels under control, including:

»Tips for regulating digestion
»Information on organ detoxification
»How to manage stress levels
»Getting proper sleep
»Maintaining a healthy sex life

The biggest piece of the hormone puzzle is eating foods that support hormone health and detox pathways as well as learning how to manage stress. This can be easily achieved with the delicious, nutrient-dense recipes provided, along with meal plans and instructions on correct calorie intake (hint: eating less isn’t the answer!) and what foods to avoid.

Now you can start taking better care of yourself with this essential and educational guide for managing hormones.

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