True North Cabin Cookbook: Recipes and Stories from a North Woods Table Spiral-Bound | September 6, 2022

Stephanie Hansen

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Celebrate life in the northland with seasonal foods andcherished stories, as recipes and personal recollections transport readers to alakeside cabin in the north woods. 

Cabins provide an ideal getaway from the demands of everydaylife, with adventuresome days of hiking or boating or lounging fueled byhearty, home-cooked meals. The rhythms of cabin life are familiar to StephanieHansen, who relishes the opportunity to create memorable and delicious mealsfor friends and loved ones using simple ingredients from pantry and garden.

From her family cabin on picturesque True North Island nearEly, Minnesota, Hansen shares favorite recipes for the summer months. In May,she presents cozy dishes like Beef Bourguignon and Drunken Cowboy Beansfollowed by a sweet and tart Rhubarb Skillet Cake, while June might call forMolasses Pork Chops accompanied by Roasted Carrots with Scallion-Ginger Sauce.For the lazy summer days of July and August, the classic Fried Walleye withLemony Tartar Sauce might hit the spot, and a Grilled Ratatouille with HerbVinaigrette takes advantage of fresh seasonal vegetables. As autumn starts tocreep in, Grilled Lamb Burgers with Tzatziki Feta Sauce and Warm Bacon PotatoSalad keep the summer vibe going. Throughout the months, Hansen shares recipes for desserts both simple and adventurous—from a No-Bake Layered Lemon Loaf with Blueberries to Molten Chocolate Cakes—and refreshing cocktails to meet your every mood.

Hansen’s creative dishes will nourish and delight those whogather at your table—at the cabin or at home. True North Cabin Cookbook offersample opportunity to savor north woods living at its very best. 

Publisher: Minnesota Historical Society Press
Original Binding: Hardcover
Pages: 224 pages
ISBN-10: 1681342359
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Customer Reviews: 4 out of 5 stars Up to 30 ratings
"Everyone is seeking a simpler, more localized, and home-crafted lifestyle these days, and Stephanie Hansen's True North Cabin Cookbook delivers that by the barrel. You can smell the pine woods, hear the rain on the lake, feel the sun on your skin. Most important, tasting the incredible recipes gets everyone to their True North."
Andrew Zimmern, award-winning host of Bizarre Foods, What’sEating America, and Family Dinner

"Stephanie Hansen has captured and elevated the Minnesota tradition of 'going to the lake' in her delicious recipes. Even if you don't have a lake cabin, you'll want to sit on the porch with a Rhubarb Gin & Tonic, bring a Cherry Tomato Tart with Fresh (homemade) Ricotta on a picnic, and celebrate with a Chocolate Zucchini Bundt Cake! This book is everything we love about being at the lake, without the mosquitoes."
Zoë François, host of Zoë Bakes

"True North Cabin Cookbook is a collection of useful, family-friendly recipes and sweet remembrances of time spent at the lake. Stephanie Hansen covers the Minnesota favorites, but with updates that add a little metro sophistication, too. With crowd-pleasing meals, drinks, and desserts, this book will become a well-thumbed heirloom to take to the cabin or use at home."
Robin Asbell, author of Plant-Based Meats: Hearty, High-Protein Recipes for Vegans, Flexitarians, and Curious Carnivores

"True North Cabin Cookbook is an invitation to gather with Stephanie Hansen's family and friends and enjoy the seasons up north with stories and recipes. Here you'll find the aroma of delicious food coming out of the kitchen and off the grill. Get comfy in your deck chair, help yourself to one of Dolores's shortbread cookies, and get ready to laugh, cry, and cook."
Patrice M. Johnson, author of Land of 10,000 Plates: Stories and Recipes from Minnesota

"You don't need to own a cabin by a Minnesota lake to appreciate the love of family, friends, and good food embedded in every page of Stephanie Hansen’s True North Cabin Cookbook. We are invited to enjoy a season on True North Island, where mouthwatering recipes are laid out month by month, using ingredients at their absolute best, in recipes both simple and sophisticated.
 "True North is an intimate cookbook, full of Stephanie's lively stories and favorite dishes, accumulated over decades of cabin life. I felt like I was cooking along with Stephanie in her cabin kitchen, sipping a refreshing cocktail and enjoying a beautiful view of herbeloved Burntside Lake."
Meredith Deeds, coauthor of The Big Book of Appetizers, The Mixer Bible, and 300 Sensational Soups; Star Tribune Taste columnist

"Stephanie Hansen has infused the rustic simplicity of Minnesota cabin cooking with big, fresh flavors woven into family stories. Hansen is a wonderful cook and a gracious hostess, and I loved this peek into her delicious life at the lake. Is there such a thing as the perfect hostess gift? I say yes, and it’s this charming book."
Stephanie A. Meyer, author of Twin Cities Chef's Table: Extraordinary Recipes from the City of Lakes to the Capital City

"Thoroughly 'kitchen-cook friendly' in organization and presentation, True North Cabin Cookbook is an extraordinary and unreservedly recommended addition to personal, family, professional, and community library cookbook collections."
Midwest Book Review
Stephanie Hansen is a food writer and blogger. From chatting about local dining on FM 107.1's Weekly Dish to sharing recipes on The Jason Show to highlighting local entrepreneurs and craftspeople through the Makers of Minnesota podcast, Hansen celebrates all things Minnesota. She loves to cook; even more, she loves to eat.