Come for Tea: Favorite Recipes for Scones, Savories and Sweets Spiral-Bound |

Lorna Reeves (Edited by)

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Come for Tea so we can showcase our favorite recipes for scones, savories and sweets.

Find beautiful table settings and menus for the five most-celebrated special occasions celebrated with afternoon tea—Valentine’s Day, Easter, Mother’s Day, Thanksgiving, and Christmas—plus an "à la carte" section featuring TeaTime magazine's all-time favorite recipes for scones, savories, and sweets for creating your own afternoon-tea menu. Find a perfectly paired tea to complement each course, and a tea-steeping guide to ensure each infusion is properly prepared. With more than 100 recipes in its 136 full-color pages, Come for Tea will help make celebrations simple yet elegant. Each menu is certain to delight.

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Lorna Reeves was introduced to the pleasures of tea at the venerable Williamsburg Inn. She was immediately smitten, and it wasn't long before tea drinking became an essential part her daily routine. Lorna graduated with honors from Samford University in Birmingham, Alabama, and is fluent in both French and Spanish.