Can I Mix You a Drink?: A Cocktail Book of 50 Drink Recipes Inspired by T-Pain's Music Spiral-Bound | November 2, 2021

T-Pain, Maxwell Britten

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A high-end cocktail book inspired by the hit songs of the Grammy Award-winning Platinum artist—blending 50+ innovative cocktail recipes with funny anecdotes only T-Pain can deliver.

The ultimate gift for music lovers and at-home mixologists—featuring glossy jet-black pages, stunning gold details, vibrant photography, and a faux leather cover.

In 2007, “rappa ternt sanga” T-Pain released his hit single “Can I Buy U A Drank (Shawty Snappin’),” propelling the artist to mainstream royalty. Since then, the Tallahassee, Florida native has secured his position as one of the most successful and diverse hip-hop artists in the world—and it all started, really, with a song about liquor. Now, T-Pain brings his love of mixology and music to this fun, personal, and hilarious cocktail book.
Working with James Beard Award winning mixologist Maxwell Britten, T-Pain sets cocktails to his music. Showcasing a variety of flavors (and potencies), each drink has been carefully curated to reflect a sentiment from one of his hit songs. Can I Remix You a Drink? includes:
• 50+ creative cocktail recipes—both classic and new—for parties, local bars, pre-gaming, and quiet nights at home
• Hilarious personal anecdotes about T-Pain’s life and lessons while inebriated
• Glossy gold and jet-black pages featuring high-end drink photography
• Luxurious faux leather cover with gold foil and an embossed monogram of T-Pain himself

Considering T-Pain is known for unorthodox mixes in his music, you can expect the same from his drinks, along with some classic cocktails modified by T-Pain himself. Whether you’re a longtime fan or simply a fan of drink-making, Can I Mix You A Drink? is the cocktail book for you.
Publisher: Penguin Random House
Original Binding: Hardcover
Pages: 280 pages
ISBN-10: 1954220006
Item Weight: 1.74 lbs
Dimensions: 7.6 x 0.84 x 9.4 inches
Customer Reviews: 4 out of 5 stars 31 to 100 ratings
“ . . . takes great care in offering a variety of upscale alcoholic beverages and their detailed methodologies within its jet-black pages.”

“ . . . carries the whiff of memoir, using drinking as a lens for T-Pain to share his story and trace how his relationship with alcohol developed in parallel with his career.”

“An exploration of new flavors to create delicious, unconventional recipes that can be used for parties, pre-games, or a quiet night in.”

“ . . . funny, unpretentious takes on cocktails . . . Not only would I let T-Pain buy me a drank, but he can certainly mix me one too.”

“For any fan of T-Pain . . . this is the perfect opportunity to get a sip of his world. The book combines new and classic recipes, so it works for novices and experts alike.” 

“ . . . blends music making and drink making in Can I Mix You a Drink? . . . from the slick black pages.” 

“ . . . beautifully photographed, hit-filled cocktail guide is the perfect vehicle.” 

“ . . . something different and, . . . an opportunity for artistic synergy.”

“It's nearly impossible not to hear T-Pain’s music as you read through the drinks and their unique combinations and names.” 

“By the end, you'll have gained some insights into T-Pain . . . he really just wants you to have a drink, be cool, and enjoy yourself.”
  • T-Pain is a Grammy Award winning multi-Platinum recording artist, actor, and entrepreneur. Born Faheem Rasheed Najm, T-Pain has sold over 50 million records, won six Grammy Awards, and released seven albums. In 2019, T-Pain became the first winner of The Masked Singer, as the Tallahassee, Florida native aimed to show the world he was much more than the perfecter of Auto-Tune. T-Pain is also a brand ambassador, cartoon voiceover talent, podcast host, and the "dean" of Wiscansin University.

  • Maxwell Britten is an award winning hospitality professional whose occupation as an industry leader has spanned over 15 years. From his role as as former Bar Director to Brooklyn's James Beard Award Winning Maison Premiere, Chief Brand Officer to The Liquor Cabinet and most recently Managing Partner of The Django at The Roxy Hotel Tribeca, Maxwell has always been deeply passionate about innovation and community of hospitality as a means to evolve the industry.